Welcome to My Blog!

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time doing a blog! I’m going to do my best so have some patience with me as I give it my all to conquer this platform! So to get started my name is Trystan! I’m currently twenty-one years old and am enrolled as a full-time student in college. Some of my passions include helping others, learning, watching movies, physical fitness, traveling and most importantly spending time with family. I’m a military child, so I’ve moved a lot throughout my upbringing which has only grown my curiosities of what else is out there. In some of my travels, I’ve been to North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, California, and Florida to name a few! This year I’ll be traveling out of the country for the first time which I’m looking forward to! If you haven’t noticed, I love the use of exclamation marks because… well, periods are boring. Thank you for your time!